On February 2, 2018 we celebrate the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the European Union, an anchoring point for our close and mutually beneficial cooperation.

In the last 25 years Kazakhstan and the European Union have built up a solid framework of relations, with the signature on 21 December 2015 of the Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the European Union (EPCA).

The Agreement, which entered into provisional application on 1st of May 2016, marks a qualitatively new phase of bilateral relations and significantly expands the legal framework of cooperation in numerous areas for the benefit of our citizens. Kazakhstan is the first Central Asian country signing such an Agreement with the EU.

The Agreement is meant to be a driving force in the intensification of relations between Kazakhstan and Europe for the long run. It provides for a new level in the quality of our trade, economic and investment cooperation, as well as a broadening of our political and human rights dialogues.

The EU and Kazakhstan jointly support the implementation of the EU-Central Asia Strategy, in which a special emphasis has been given to the human capital development, education, environment protection, rational use of water resources, efficient transport and logistics infrastructures in the region, and combating challenges and threats.

Kazakhstan and the European Union are confident of the enormous potential for further joint work, based on shared values, and express their readiness to continue to consistently improve all forms of partnership and cooperation.